Bull Shark Dives - Playa del Carmen | Shark Dive F.A.Q
The Frequently asked question about bull shark feeding and dives. Answers to bull shark dives. How to pick up a bull shark dive center?
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Shark Dive F.A.Q

Q. Is it okay to feed bull sharks for tourism or should this be avoided to let them lead a more natural life?

Some feel that feeding sharks changes their natural behaviour, trains them to identify humans as a source of food, and takes away valuable time that they can use to take advantage of normal predatory opportunities in a natural environment.  In a sense, they feel the best course is to “leave them alone and let nature take its course.”


Feeding sharks for tourism, if done responsibly, is a powerful tool to show humans how wonderfully beautiful sharks can be. Shark tourism is a vital way to get people to understand that sharks are not “villains”. 


We believe that the more people know, understand, and care about sharks and the vital role they play in the marine ecosystem, the more they will help pass laws to protect them.




Q. How do I pick the right bull shark dive center?

You should look for a center with organized dives, experience arranging tours and professional dive guides. You can also read reviews from their “survivors.”


Q. When is the best time to dive with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen?

The bull shark season starts in mid-November and ends around February when the water temperature rises.


Q. Is it safe to dive with bull sharks?

Yes, it is safe when people follow directions and respect the shark’s habitat. It is good to remember that we, humans, are not in the food chain of a shark. The main reason for shark attacks is low-visibility conditions, because sharks can mistakenly see humans as something they actually want to eat. Bull sharks are wild animals and their behavior can become aggressive with provocation. Just like with any other wild animal, we want to respect them and remember that we are just a guest in their environment.


Q. What can I expect on my shark dive?

Excitement and thrills! These amazing creatures will blow your mind while you watch them sliding along the bottom of the ocean. You will stay in a group and remain still on the bottom while sharks are moving around the area. The dive is at a depth of 18 to 20 meters and will last 40 to 50 minutes.