Bull Shark Dives - Playa del Carmen | Shark conservation
Bull Shark Conservation Playa del Carmen Mexico. Help us to save the sharks trough education.
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Playa del Carmen Bull Shark Conservation –

Bull Shark Conservation status –
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: near threatened



Our dives with bull sharks started in 2005. Our mission is to save the Riviera Maya bull sharks. A shared passion for sharks brings divers to the Riviera Maya every winter. Be part of the shark-conservation effort and help us spread the knowledge about these creatures. Divers have the opportunity to bring this delicate issue to the public and educate people to stop consuming shark products. Help us create shark awareness in Mexico and around the world.


Bull sharks are at higher risk from pollution and habitat degradation than other sharks because of their coastal distribution. They have been captured for aquariums and slaughtered for their fins, oil and skin. Playa del Carmen has been fighting against the local fishermen who have slaughtered several pregnant bull sharks in the past few years. Fishing pregnant bull sharks is devastating because it not only kills an adult, but also the next generation of sharks. It will take longer to recover from this damage. The sharks’ protection is in your hands as much as it is in ours. Several dive centers and locals are taking action to save these beautiful misunderstood creatures in Mexico.


Diving with bull sharks and showing the world what these animals really are in their environment will help shark conservation. Divers can help us save this prehistoric species by participating and sharing their underwater experience with them.


Fewer than 20 people die every year from shark accidents, but over 20 million sharks die in the same period due to the fishing industry!



Press – Shark Mission – Riviera Maya 2012

Captain Scott traveled to the beautiful Riviera Maya late in 2012 on a mission to learn more about the areas many sharks. In conjunction with Luminox and Dive Balam and Marcos Mier (One of Scott’s heroes) Scott worked to spread the word that the protection of the world’s shark populations was critical to the eco-balance of the oceans… read more